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Nassif printing supplies is a Lebanese company established in 1983 to serve the printing and packaging sectors in GCC and all the Middle East.
7 years ago, the company started expanding its network in the Middle East and Africa as its first office in Addis Ababa was established. In March 2012, our sister company Drucktek was founded, as it also expanded to become one of the most powerful printing providers.
Our main duty is printing products and machineries as well as representing well known manufactures from Europe and China. We therefore intend to increase our effectiveness through availability of products, well-structured planning, and the finest customer service.
Our Mission is to provide our customers with the most reliable products and after sale services to fulfill the focusing on three important standards: price, Quality and Service.

With the purpose of better quality, NPS has a wide proficiency in the graphic art industry by providing its clients end to end solutions from consumables, machines, maintenance and technical advices.
NPS is always open for discussion of new Printing and Packaging projects, and ready to offer adequate solutions for upgrading existing ones.
NPS is continuously expanding its business to meet customer’s expectations, in such manner, its employees are qualified to form a hardworking team that works on satisfying customers and providing them with all the updated finest products.

Finest Quality for Every Dot

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