Commits to the development and research of core technology for industrial printing, as well as the integration of multi-technology

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AMSKY was founded in 2006, and is striding with the dream: subverting traditional manufacturing industry and returning nature to nature; using technology to change the world and make the world better. At present, the manufacturing industry in China has achieved remarkable achievements and China has become the world’s most prosperous manufacturing country. Among the world's 500 major industrial products, China has the highest output of more than 220. However, behind the rapid development, we have also paid a high price. Pollution of the environment has extended to the water and air.

The haze in breath and the odor in water make us think about the changes in China’s manufacturing. The key to the transformation of China's manufacturing lies in technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Our dream is to use the more intelligent and green technology to subvert the traditional manufacturing industry and return nature to nature. That is the original intention of founding AMSKY.

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